Research activities

Topic of the Department: “Rheumatoid arthritis. Development of new diagnostic and treatment methods taking into account pathogenic mechanisms of gastrointestinal and hematopoietic system damage»

Currently the Department conducts the following research areas:

Modern methods of diagnosis and treatment of rheumatic diseases Assoc., MD Mirakhmedova Kh. T.

Improving diet therapy in Hepatology. Modern methods of diagnosis and treatment of hepatological patients., doctor of medical science prof  SH.Ya. Zokirhodjaev

Scientific works performed under the agreement (including self-financing)

ИStudy of the clinical efficacy and tolerability of the drug “Manikarthik®” (chondroitin sulfate) ointment 5% is for external use, produced by “PHARMACON” LLC, Uzbekistan

Scientific works are carried out at the Department:

Doctoral student Ramazonova N. A. on the topic “Clinical patterns of metabolic and immunological disorders in patients with osteoarthritis»                         Scientific supervisor Assoc.  doctor of medical Sciences Mirakhmedova Kh. T.

 Candidate Tursunova M. U. on the topic “Clinical-instrumental and molecular-genetic aspects of the formation of duodenal ulcer»together with the scientific laboratory of the research Institute of Hematology. Scientific adviser prof., doctor of medical science A. T. Boboev  

Scientific products:

  1. Monograph – 1
  2. Publications:

Articles: national – 12 , foreign-8 (4 inScopus)

Abstracts: Republican – 18, foreign-4

3.Number of published textbooks and manuals:1

Educational and methodical manual-7

Methodological guide-1

Training recommendation-3


  1. Patent for inventions – none